PURPOSE AND SCOPE: To enable students to become more engaged and aware citizens by helping lead King's "Communities of Hope" (COH) program to reduce substance use disorder (SUD) and address other social problems of Wyoming Valley.  The COH Student Leadership Project includes participation in King's social media campaign to overcome opiod use disorder, team conversations with community leaders and persons affected by SUD issues; and if desired volunteer service with COH-related nonprofits.

WHEN: Communities of Hope will take place throughout the 2021-2022 school year, and on average will involve meetings every other week.

MUST I PARTICIPATE IN EVERY COMMUNITIES OF HOPE EVENT?  No, but you must take part in 70% of events to receive the completion certificate.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  HOW DO I APPLY?  All undergraduates may participate in this project.  To apply, fill out the online application.  

Please contact Bill Bolan at the Shoval Center with any questions: