Graduate Program - Masters Degrees

The Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (30 credits)

Designed for K-12 classroom teachers who wish to enhance their specialization of content and instructional practices. The CORE courses (15 credits) required for each concentration address curriculum theory and design, current issues, instructional practices, and specific content knowledge. There are five (5) options of concentrations for the remaining 15 credits:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Excellence in Teaching

The Master’s Degree in Reading (33 credits)

Designed for K-12 classroom teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of teaching reading and to learn methodologies and strategies to help students become life-long readers. Candidates are eligible for Pennsylvania Certification as a Reading Specialist after completing eight (8) (see Reading Specialist Certification below) of the eleven (11) M.Ed. courses.

The Master’s of Special Education Degree (30 credits)

Designed for currently certified special education practitioners who wish to enhance and strengthen their knowledge of classroom strategies, legal analysis, and research-based instructional methodology. This program allows students to create opportunities to share current trends and issues with experts in the field of special education.

Credential Programs: Certificates and Endorsements

Reading Specialist Certification (24 credits)

Provides training related to the identification, assessment, and remediation of reading difficulties as well as reading program development and monitoring. Emphasis is placed on the developmental nature of reading and writing. Focus is also provided on literacy instruction for diverse learners across the curriculum and literacy leadership. Eight (8) courses are required (Educ 505, Educ 510, Educ 515, Educ 516, Educ 517, Educ 520, Educ 523, Educ 550). After this coursework and successful passing of the PRAXIS exam, students gain Pennsylvania State Certification to be a Reading Specialist.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist Certification (15 credits)

Course work focuses on language acquisition, instructional strategies, assessment, and dimensions of culture. The fifth course is a clinical field practicum which runs each semester for 15 weeks to meet the 60 hours of field experience required for the Pennsylvania ESL Program Specialist Certificate. This 60 hours of field experience (Educ 601) includes experience with a certified ESL Program Specialist in a public school setting, as well as community activities to meet the ESL Program Specialist competencies.

  • 4 Accelerated Weekend Courses (Educ 600, Educ 605, Educ 610, Educ 615)
  • 1 Clinical Field Experience (Educ 601)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Endorsement (12 credits)

This program provides a framework for understanding and implementing effective strategies and interventions for children and adolescents with ASD. Emphasis is also placed on the role of the families and collaborative, interdisciplinary models of service delivery. Each of the four (4) courses in the program require a 20 hour practicum consisting of a field experience incorporating a wide variety of direct clinical, instructional, and social interaction with individuals with ASD.

  • Accelerated Weekend Format (Educ 700, Educ 705, Educ 710, Educ 715)

Instructional Coaching Endorsement (12 credits)

The goal of the instructional coaching endorsement is to enhance knowledge, skills, and techniques within a culture of collective responsibility for student achievement. The program emphasizes (1) instructional coaching knowledge and skills, (2) instructional practice knowledge and skills, (3) assessment and data analysis knowledge and skills, and (4) organizational leadership and school change knowledge and skills. This personalized, on-going, classroom-based approach fosters teacher growth and provides consistent support as teachers work to improve the science and art of teaching.

  • 2 Traditional 15-Week courses (Educ 517 & Educ 501)
  • 1 Accelerated Weekend Course (Educ 521)
  • 45 hours of field experience (Educ 525)

Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics (STEM) Education Endorsement (12 credits)

The STEM Endorsement Program is designed to meet the needs of educators who are seeking to expand their knowledge of STEM practices as well as designing STEM programs K-12. Emphasis is on theory and design, instructional practices and assessment. Five (5) hours of field experience is required for each course relating to lesson development, assessment, competitions, data review and/or initiative collaboration.

  • 4 Courses (Educ 672, Educ 674, Educ 676, Educ 678)
  • 20 Hours Field Experience
  • Accelerated Weekend, Accelerated Week-Long & Blended Formats

ACT 48 Credits through Professional Development Center