I.) Log into WebAdvisor for Students and click: Register for Sections.

Search and register for sections < This option is recommended.
Use this option if you would like to look for sections, add them to your preferred list and then proceed to register.

II.) Build your Preferred List:

a.) Select the appropriate term from the Term drop-down box .

Example: 12/SP - Spring 12

b.) Next, go to the Subject box . Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate subject.

Click the Submit button at the bottom
- OR -
Further define your selection criteria by entering data in any of these fields:
Course level, Course Number, Section.

c.) To select sections click in the box located in the left-column titled "Select Section(s)". A check-mark will appear. Only sections with an "Open" status can be selected.

d.) If an error message appears at the top of the page, read the content of the error message and change your selection criteria.

If no errors are encountered, your sections will appear as part of your preferred list

e.) To REGISTER sections one-at-a-time click the Action box to the left of each item:

" Select "RG-Register" for one section.

" Next, hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen.

If your registration was successful you will see the message:
" The following registration request(s) have been processed:"

" Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Register for Sections"

" Next, click "Register for previously selected sections" to get back to your preferred list.

" Repeat the steps in "e." for each section on your preferred list.

Note: Please register for only one course at a time. If you have placed 5 courses on your Preferred List then you should complete the steps to REGISTER (step "e." above) 5 times.

III.) When you are finished registering click My Class Schedule.
Look at your schedule for next semester to verify that your registration is correct.

It is the student's responsibility to register only for course sections listed on the studentssregistration form. These courses were agreed upon and signed by the student in consultation with the student's academic advisor. Ultimately the student is responsible to register for the appropriate courses to complete his/her degree in a timely manner.