The liberally educated person must be able to express ideas clearly and effectively in writing. As a creative art, writing shapes experiences into knowledge and is therefore essential to the development of the mature and socially responsible person. As a facet of effective communication, writing is also a practical art, one that society respects and regards as necessary for success in all careers and professions.  The courses in this category seek to help students achieve, first, a level of academic discourse suitable to the college classroom and then to refine that discourse to enable them to write for a variety of situations.  There are two courses in this category:

CORE 099 — Thinking and Writing (3 credits)

The course is designed to help students become more confident and effective writers. Students will write organized, well-developed paragraphs and essays for various audiences and purposes; understand and use techniques of writing such as prewriting, drafting, and revising; and edit for correct grammar, usage, and punctuation. This course has four meetings per week. 

CORE 110 — Effective Writing (3 credits)

This course in college-level composition emphasizes writing clearly, effectively, and interestingly for a variety of purposes and audiences. Individual conferences, writing workshops, journal writing, and regular writing assignments encourage practice in each step of the writing process. Students are also introduced to the use of sources in informational writing through a documented essay assignment. (All students take CORE 110 in the first year).