Educated citizens should at the very least be able to read, write, listen, think and speak in a competent and effective manner. Alongside “The Liberal Arts Seminar” and “Effective Writing”, “Effective Oral Communication” completes a battery of courses designed expressly to develop such competencies. This fundamental course work will provide a basis for your personal, social, and professional growth.

… For we all harbor an innate need to express our “selves” … To share with others who we are, where we are, and why we are … and why we think and feel and do what we think and feel and do … To the extent that we are able to do so openly and effectively, we learn about each other, about our very selves, and about the realities that swirl about us …

This course will help you to develop your individual abilities to communicate with other human beings clearly, effectively, powerfully. To this end you will experiment with techniques and strategies for celebrating engaging ideas, conveying information efficiently, arguing persuasively, and analyzing messages thoroughly.

And always very much at the very heart of the matter, this course provides a place for students beginning their career here at King’s to come “to discover and develop their own unique voice” as adults, as citizens, as expressive professionals.