Courses in the Contemporary Global Studies CART align broadly with the King’s College Core curriculum goal to make students aware in a sophisticated way of global issues and to give them knowledge of foreign cultures.  Students who complete a Global Studies course in the Core will demonstrate the ability to:

1. Identify the interconnected nature of global systems.  Students completing a CGS course will develop a complex understanding of the relational nature of global systems, which should include 1) an understanding of contemporary globalization as a product of long-term historical processes and 2) the ability to situate ongoing global interrelationships within both local and worldwide frameworks and from the vantage point of different disciplinary perspectives.

2. Recognize and understand cultural diversity in a global context.  Students completing a CGS course will gain the ability to engage and learn from perspectives and experiences different from one’s own and to understand how one’s place in the world both informs and limits one’s knowledge.  This includes the curiosity to learn respectfully about the cultural diversity of other people and on an individual level to traverse cultural boundaries.

3. Apply interdisciplinary knowledge and methodology to understand contemporary global issues.  Students completing a CGS course will identify and analyze significant global challenges as they relate to the continuing issues of contemporary life using disciplinary knowledge and methodologies in the social sciences.  This kind of learning prepares students to think creatively in one’s capacity to combine or synthesize existing ideas or expertise in original ways.