CORE 140 — Foreign Culture (3 credits). An awareness of cultures other than the dominating Anglo civilization of the United States deepens our understanding of the diverse world in which we live and our place in it. When we step beyond our limited cultural surroundings and attempt to enter into the minds of others in the world community, we are often confronted with values and perspectives that both challenge our assumptions and broaden our understanding of what it is to be human. The liberally educated individual whose philosophy of life is solidly grounded in human and humane principles should understand cultural diversity and be equipped to deal with it in an informed and sensitive manner. Core 140: Foreign Cultures, attempts to present the student with as full an understanding of a non-English culture as possible in the space of one semester, in an English-language classroom. Topics broached in the Core 140 classroom include: the Geography and Political History of the nation or nations in question, its traditions of Art, Cinema, Literature, and Music, in the context of their historical development; native folklore, customs, and other social variables specific to the nation or region. Questions of ethnicity, religion and other topics that may reach beyond the borders of the particular nation (i.e. the native expression of Catholicism in Poland, Iran as an Islamic nation, the peculiarities of Communism in China), will also be discussed.