King’s College On-Campus Recruitment Program provides an opportunity for students and employers to connect through customized corporate recruiting events, including:

  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Resume Referrals
  • Company Tours
  • Networking Opportunities
  • College Central Network
  • The Internship Program
  • The Professional Development Seminar Series

We work one-on-one with students to prepare them to interview for intern and/or full-time positions. We also collaborate with employers to meet their unique corporate branding and hiring needs.


The On-Campus Recruitment Program (OCR) focuses on providing practical education and individualized feedback to the student through each step of the OCR process.  Active involvement in the interviewing process encourages students to develop professionally and acquire lifelong career development skills which will allow them to navigate changes in a global economy.

Through the On-Campus Recruitment Program, students will:

  • Understand necessary skills to successfully contribute to a global economy
  • Gain awareness of different corporate cultures
  • Construct and submit résumés
  • Improve networking and speaking skills
  • Gain confidence in their interviewing skills

A Small Sample of Our Employer Partners include:

  • Campbell Soup Company
  • PwC
  • Kraft Foods
  • Baker Tilly
  • MetLife
  • Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Target
  • Pennsylvania State Police

Join the On-Campus Recruitment Program:

  • Students interested in participating in on-campus interviews or networking events, will need to enroll in the On-Campus Recruitment Program.
    To Enroll:
  • 1. Visit the Office of Career Planning and make an appointment with a counselor to enroll in the On-Campus Recruitment Program.
  • 2. Complete and sign the On-Campus Recruitment Contract and Transcript Release Form in the Office of Career Planning.
  • 3. Register and upload your résumé to College Central Network (CCN): www.collegecentral.com/kingscollege
  • 4. Check the Calendar of Events, CCN, and King’s College email daily for reminders, announcements, and changes to the schedule
  • Contact Information:
  • The Office of Career Planning
  • 570-208-5874
  • The On-Campus Recruitment Program provides opportunities for students and employers to connect through customized corporate recruiting events, including resume referrals, on-campus interviews, company tours, and networking opportunities.