The King's College Monarch Mentors program is a platform allowing King's students to connect with alumni working in fields of the students' interests and are willing to share their professional experience and advice with them. Participants make their own connections and there are no formal requirements or time commitments to participate.

How it Works

Before joining Monarch Mentors, please consider what you'd like to offer as a mentor. Professionals often choose to become mentors because it is a rewarding and inspiring way to give back to their college. By working with current students who are considering a career in your field, you are helping to shape the next generation of King's College professionals.

You will also want to consider how much time and energy you can commit to your mentee. There are no minimum requirements.

Because the potential mentees will initiate contact, please ensure your Linkedin profile is complete and publically accessible. You should also add "King's College Monarch Mentor" to your Linkedin profile.

Check your Linkedin account for messages on a regular basis. Because mentees are instructed to only contact one mentee at a time, please respond to a potential mentees request in a timely manner, so they may seek another mentor if you are unable to participate.

It's important to find the right fit. Interview your mentee to ensure your professional connection will be mutually beneficial.

The Three P's of the King's College Monarch Mentors Program

  • Patience: We advise mentees to be patient in awaiting a response from you. However, mentors should strive to reply to mentees in a timely manner.
  • Professionalism: Mentees are encouraged to contact only one potential mentor at a time. If you are unable to participate, please let potential mentees know promptly so that they may seek another mentor.
  • Persistence: If it doesn't work out with one mentee, be open to trying again! New members join the group every week.