Can't Make it to Campus? Have Resumes Referred to You
We understand your busy schedule and are happy to provide you resumes of students who are interested in opportunities at your organization. To have resumes sent electronically directly to your e-mail inbox, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call Theresa Kinney, our Employer/Corporate Relations Coordinator, at 570-208-5874 or e-mail at to set up a date for the resumes to be sent to you. For a higher rate of success, we ask that you give the office two weeks to advertise the position to students.
  2. Provide either through fax or e-mail with an updated description of the position(s) you wish to fill as well as any candidate requirements (majors, GPA, and/or graduation dates). We will use this information to advertise the resume referral. You may also send any recruitment materials you would like us to distribute to students.
  3. Our office will send you, via e-mail, the resumes of the students who are interested in the position with your organization.
  4. We expect you to commit to getting back to students regarding their status with your company in a reasonable time frame.