When it comes to hiring quality employees, time is of the essence...and we understand that. That's why we provide all employers with the highest level of service.

Here's how we can work with you...

Gain instant access to our on-line resume database. If you want us to refer qualified candidates to you for available full-time or internship positions, we can help. We use College Central Network to coordinate our candidate database. You have two options:

1. Send us a position listing and we will query our database and e-mail you the resumes of qualified candidates.
2. Or gain password protected access to the same database and search it 24/7.

We make it easy to post jobs free of charge. By creating an account on College Central Network, you can do the following:

  • Post as many jobs as you would like, as many times as you would like for students, recent graduates and alumni to view.
  • Search student and alumni resumes that match the position qualifications.
  • Track how many times your advertisement has been viewed.

Simply go to and click on "Employers" to get started. Or simply click on the logo below.

College Central Network Link

If you need directions on how to access and post jobs, click here.