The mission of King’s College is to provide students with a broad based liberal education in the Catholic tradition, to offer intellectual, moral and spiritual preparation for satisfying and purposeful lives, and to develop mutually beneficial and cooperative ties to the wider society.

In light of this mission, and motivated by a deep concern for the welfare of its students, King’s College expects its students to observe, both on and off campus, the conventional standards which are derived from the Judeo-Christian-Catholic tradition, which are in accord with the sound reasoning of traditional philosophy and have been respected by countless persons of good will, regardless of their religious beliefs. The College finds that some of these standards of behavior need to be articulated explicitly. These are set forth in the College’s Academic Integrity Policy. The College is convinced that these standards are in the best interest of individuals and the entire King’s community. They are meant to make King’s a just and orderly place where men and women strive to realize ideals that are at the same time humane and Christian.

It should be noted that the norms presented in the College’s Academic Integrity Policy are minimum standards of behavior. As educated individuals, however, students are expected to endeavor to exceed the minimum.

Offenders of the Academic Integrity Policy will be dealt with patiently and personally, more to help and correct than to punish. The process of imposing sanctions is always intended to be educational and animated by an unconditional concern for students.

As a King’s College student, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the College’s Academic Integrity Policy. Further, I pledge to value my education and the integrity of our College community. I promise to maintain high academic standards in my own work and interaction with others, and I expect the same high standards from every other member of our academic community.

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