Transportation for Students

Transportation for Students

Transportation off-campus for non emergency medical care can be provided by taxi cab if no private vehicle is available or practical.

King’s College has an arrangement with Burgit City Taxi Company to provide transportation for off-campus medical care.

Students do not need to have cash available when using this system. The cost of the cab ride will be billed to the student’s account.

For cab transportation the student must contact an authorized provider in one of the following departments: Sports Medicine, Residence Life, Safety and Security, or Student Health.

The authorized provider will assist in making the cab transportation arrangements for the student. The student must complete and sign the Cab Authorization Form which includes the student's name, ID#, destination, and signature.

The student must have their King's College ID card available to present to the cab driver.  

Return Trip:

The student calls for the cab after the medical appointment and identifies themselves as a King’s College student.  The cab will return the student to King’s College.

This system is not designed to provide urgent or immediate care, so please plan accordingly when requesting taxi transportation, as a wait may be required.

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