The completed health form is required of every registered full- time resident student.  Any full time student who does not submit a completed health form will not be treated at the Student Health Center.

Required Medical Forms for All Full-Time Resident Domestic and Resident International Students and Student-Athletes

  • Student Health History- to be completed by the student
  • Physical Exam- to be completed and signed by your health care provider.

To receive treatment in the student health center all full- time students must submit a completed health form that includes a current physical exam completed within one year of the date of matriculation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Student athletes must have a physical examination within six (6) months of participation in an intercollegiate sport. 

  • Immunization History- to be completed on the health portal.  

Our immunization requirements follow the guidelines set by the American College Health Association and the Centers for Disease Control.  Pennsylvania Law requires that all students living in campus housing receive meningococcal vaccine or sign a waiver refusing the vaccine.

  • Meningitis Vaccine Waiver- Resident students who have not received the meningitis vaccine and/or wish to waive the vaccine must complete the appropriate waiver via the health portal.
  • Insurance Information- Please include a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card for our records.  The student should have their insurance cards with them while at college.

Requirements for All Full-Time Commuters and Off- Campus Students

  • Immunization History- to be completed on the health portal.  

Commuter and off -campus students are not required to submit a physical exam, however, students who do not complete and submit a current physical exam will not be eligible to receive treatment in the student health center.

Please fulfill your health record requirements via the health portal as soon as possible for incoming Fall 2018.  Please keep a copy of all of the documents uploaded through the portal for your records

Before coming to King's College you should familiarize yourself with the following aspects of your medical history:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Chronic diseases
  • Know if your health insurance carrier requires pre-authorization for treatment and which health care providers they allow.
  • Make a copy of your health information for your records.

Please call the King's College Student Health Center at 570-208-5852 with questions regarding health information requirements.