The King's College music program is an outlet for students who love music. King's, being a liberal arts institution, incorporates music into its community as an integral part of the college. This is in keeping with its mission statement, " provide students with a broad based liberal education in the Catholic tradition and to offer intellectual, moral, and spiritual preparation for satisfying and purposeful lives."

The Christian Voices and Cantors serve the college in a ministerial role. They sing at the Sunday liturgies and other special religious and spiritual events. The Cantores Christi Regis choir serves the general college community at special college functions, in the local community and in concerts and other events.

Each ensemble has its own special and unique way of serving the college community at large. Many students are involved in all of the ensembles. They are all highly committed to making the music here at King's a truly enjoyable and educational experience.


  • Students may be involved in any and all of the ensembles, providing they meet all the requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to submit ideas for musical selections. In general, the input from students is welcomed and appreciated.
  • Opportunities for accompanists and one-on-one coaching is available.
  • Opportunities for student leadership are possible

Robert Yenkowski has been at King's since 1998 as the part-time music minister. In 2001, he became the full-time music director overseeing all musical ensembles. He is a graduate of Marywood University with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and St. Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana with a Master's degree in Liturgy and Church Music. His primary instrument is piano with a minor in voice. He has previously held positions as Choir Director/ Organist at Holy Rosary Church, Ashley, PA, and St. Joseph's Church, Hudson, PA. He is currently the Chapter Director of the local National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM). He has given several presentations on various liturgical and musical topics. In addition he teaches Creative Arts in the Classroom and Music Appreciation.

For more information contact the Music Office at (570)-208-6044 or by e-mail at

Related Information:

This liturgical choir is founded upon the principles of the Second Vatican Council. Its primary function is to minister to the King's Community at the Sunday Eucharist.

The choir is comprised of King's students from freshmen to seniors, and a variety of faith traditions.

Primarily ministering at the 8p.m. Sunday liturgy, this choir performs music from traditional chant to music by contemporary composers such as David Haas, Marty Haugen, John Foley, and others.

The foundation of Christian Voices is its dedication to ministry. Members of Christian Voices see each other as ministers serving the assembly gathered as the Body of Christ. Understanding ourselves as ministers and not simply performers, helps us to better serve the community through sung prayer. Singing is praying twice according to St. Augustine, when we sing in praise to Christ it gives us a joy and an experience that is truly transformative.

Members of the choir rehearse weekly for 90 minutes, primarily on Sundays from 6:16 p.m. to 7:30p.m., then performs its ministry at the 8p.m. liturgy.

The King's College Festival Choir prepares for the Annual Baccalaureate Liturgy. This choir, which is comprised of Faculty, Staff and Students, comes together a few times a year to minister at major liturgies.

Another aspect of the music ministry at King's is the ministry of Cantor. Having its roots in the synagogue tradition, the cantor has become an important ministry in Catholic worship. The cantor serves the community as leader of song and Psalmist at all Sunday liturgies.

Serving as the leader of all the sung prayer at liturgy, the cantor directs the faithful into a more full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy.

The cantors participate in training programs and workshops, designed to familiarize the student with the history of cantoring as well as its role in the liturgy. The workshop allows for the practical aspects of the ministry such as proper vocal use, movement, and the interpretation of text.

Cantors minister at all of the Sunday Liturgies -- 11a.m. and 8 p.m. They aid the Assembly in all aspects of sung prayer.

Cantors are encouraged to meet with the Music Minister weekly. This rehearsal plays an important role in helping the cantor learn new music, become at ease with the chapel, and improve their vocal technique.

This choir is the premiere choral ensemble at the college. It has made a return in 2001, building upon the long traditions set forth by previous choirs; The Men in Red and Les Chanteuse, and the King's Singers. Now with the return of a choral group to the campus, interested students will have the opportunity to become involved in choral singing.

Perspective members of this choir, consisting of both female and male members, will be auditioned. The number of students selected is between 24-32 appropriately. This ensemble will rehearses two times a week for 75 minutes each. Interested students can also receive .5 academic credit for participation in the choir. It is offered as an elective and does not fulfill any college requirements.

The music consists of a wide range of styles and genres, such as works by Palestrina, Morley, Bach, and Handel, to more contemporary choral composers such as Lauridson, Thomas, Aguiar, and Hogan. It will also perform music in varying languages such as Latin, French, German, and Spanish.

The audition consists of the student performing a familiar piece of music and a selection of their own choice. In addition, some sight singing and rhythmic exercises will be required.

  • Christian Voices
  • Ministry of Cantor
  • Cantores Christi Regis