This choir is the premiere choral ensemble at the college. It has made a return in 2001, building upon the long traditions set forth by previous choirs; The Men in Red and Les Chanteuse, and the King's Singers. Now with the return of a choral group to the campus, interested students will have the opportunity to become involved in choral singing.

Perspective members of this choir, consisting of both female and male members, will be auditioned. The number of students selected is between 24-32 appropriately. This ensemble will rehearses two times a week for 75 minutes each. Interested students can also receive .5 academic credit for participation in the choir. It is offered as an elective and does not fulfill any college requirements.

The music consists of a wide range of styles and genres, such as works by Palestrina, Morley, Bach, and Handel, to more contemporary choral composers such as Lauridson, Thomas, Aguiar, and Hogan. It will also perform music in varying languages such as Latin, French, German, and Spanish.

The audition consists of the student performing a familiar piece of music and a selection of their own choice. In addition, some sight singing and rhythmic exercises will be required.