After much research, King's College applicants are no longer required to submit standardized test scores as part of the Application for Admission. This option is appropriate for any student who thinks that their score on the SAT or ACT does not accurately correlate with their abilities in the classroom.

In lieu of the standardized test scores, applicants are required to submit a graded paper. Because this option is meant for students who do not think that the SAT/ACT correlates with their abilities in the classroom, the graded paper should be regarded as the medium by which this can be achieved.

In order for the paper to be considered official, it must be from a class taken during the student's junior or senior year, graded by the teacher, and sent directly from the student's Guidance Office verifying that it meets the above criteria and is an original work of the student.

Once a student chooses whether to submit the standardized test score or the graded paper on their Application for Admission, the decision cannot be reversed. We cannot accept both, nor can we re-evaluate an application based upon the other option.

The test optional admission policy was adopted by King’s College to provide students with an alternative to submitting standardized test scores during the admission process.   In lieu of submitting standardized test scores for admission to King’s, the applicant must submit an original graded paper from junior or senior year  demonstrating the student’s writing ability.  English composition and history papers are good examples of what students may want to consider when submitting a graded paper in place of standardized test scores.  Math exams, poetry, and foreign language assignments will not be considered in place of standardized test scores.  Papers must be typed, a minimum of 500 words (approximately 2 pages double-spaced) to be considered.  The original graded paper should be sent from the applicant’s guidance office with any and all comments and grades included.

*Please note that homeschooled students and Physician Assistant applicants must submit standardized test scores

***For Additional Information please see Frequently Asked Questions or call 1-888-Kings-PA.