Test Optional (Graded Paper) Admission policy

The test optional admission policy was adopted by King’s College to provide students with an alternative to submitting standardized test scores during the admission process. In lieu of submitting standardized test scores for admission to King’s, the applicant must submit an official copy of a graded paper from junior or senior year demonstrating the student’s writing ability. English composition and history papers are good examples of what students may want to consider when submitting a graded paper in place of standardized test scores. Math exams, poetry, and foreign language assignments will not be considered in place of standardized test scores. Papers must be typed, a minimum of 500 words (approximately 2 pages double-spaced) to be considered. The official copy of the graded paper must be sent from the applicant’s guidance office with any and all comments and grades included. 

Requirements for the application process utilizing the Test Optional (Graded Paper) policy.

  • Completed application
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official copy of a graded paper from either junior or senior year
    • Must be approved and sent by your high school guidance counselor
  • Guidance counselor recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • $30 Application fee (if apply on line, fee is waived)
  • Deadline for submitting an application with the Graded Paper option is June 1

*Please note that cyber school students, homeschooled students, 3+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program with the University of Notre Dame and Physician Assistant (BSMS five year program) applicants must submit standardized test scores.