(Classes meet one night per week 6:00-8:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated)
Classes Begin Monday, January 12, 2015


Course Description Instructor
CJ 475 Adult Corrections Lutes
CORE 120 Mathematical Ideas Singer
CORE 164 Literary Modes and Themes Field
CORE 187 American Social Concerns Dysleski
CORE 278 Forensic Chemistry Singer
ENST 260 Environmental Law (cross-listed as PS 260) Bedrin
MSB 240 Business Law I (cross-listed as MSB 330) Smedley
MSB 330 Business Law I (cross-listed as MSB 240) Smedley
MSB 480 Strategic Management Rudegeair
PS 260 Environmental Law Bedrin


CIS 352 Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation II Klenner
CJ 342 Women and Criminal Justice System (cross-listed as WMST 342) Dysleski
COMM 392 Copywriting, Ad Design Lawrence-Schmude
CORE 131 Western Civilization to 1914 Mares
CORE 140I Islamic Cultures (cross-listed as WMST 140I) Madavi-Hosseini
CORE 177D Drawing Revit
GEOG 258 Pennsylvania Survey (cross-listed as HIST 258) Zbiek
HIST 258 Pennsylvania Survey (cross-listed as GEOG 258) Zbiek
MSB 220 Financial Management (cross-listed as MSB 320) Liebler
MSB 305 Organizational Behavior Staff
MSB 320 Financial Management (cross-listed as MSB 220) Liebler
PHIL 473 Metaphysics Johnson
WMST 140I Islamic Cultures (cross-listed as CORE 140I) Madavi-Hosseini
WMST 342 Women and the Criminal Justice System (cross-listed as CJ 342) Dysleski


ACCT 211 Fraud Examination II: Forensic and Investigative Accounting Tyler
BUS 330 Business Entrepreneurship Loyack
CJ 381 Private Security Blinn
CJ 445 Street Gangs Marinello
CORE 269 Theology of Work Malesic
MSB 250 Business Communication and Mentoring Bloss


BUS 363 Production/Operations Management Ambrulavage
CHEM 494 Senior Colloquium Snider
CIS 472 I.T. Project Management Moran
CJ 355 Criminal Investigation Lindenmuth
CORE 154 Intro to Psychology Church
CORE 177W Painting and Wet Media Revit
CORE 282 Creative Vision of Alfred Hitchcock Drumin
ECON 112 Principles of Economics: Micro Hosseini
HRM 380 Employment and Labor Law Brennan

Special Scheduling

EXPL 331 Portfolio Development


Accelerated Course Offerings Spring 2015

First Accelerated Session, Saturday, January 10 – Saturday, February 28

LGD 450* Capstone Seminar in Leadership

8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon and on-line

* In-class meetings will be held: 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, 2/21; otherwise on-line

Second Accelerated Session, Saturday, March 7 – Saturday, May 2

CORE 180* Health Care System Madavi-Hosseini
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon and on-line
LGD 332** Diversity in the Global Workplace Thornton
12:30 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m and on-line

* In-class meetings will be held: 3/7, 3/21, 4/11, 4/25; otherwise on-line. No class 4/4

Accelerated Course Offerings for Part-Time Students Only

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