The Leadership and Global Dynamics

The Leadership and Global Dynamics

The Leadership and Global Dynamics major is designed for adult students only. Courses are offered in an accelerated format and blend traditional classroom learning with online learning.

Contemporary leadership skills have changed. Today's leaders need to see the relationship between their work, their company and the rest of the world. They need to have an understanding of the work environment and the knowledge to understand people, the organization and the market. They also need to understand the relationship between individuals and the organization.

The Leadership and Global Dynamics major encompasses areas of leadership skills, including individual, ethical and global aspects, technology, diversity, coaching, mentoring and communication skills.

Students choosing this major will be expected:

  • to create their own Personal Leadership Development Plan,
  • understand the moral responsibilities of leadership,
  • understand workplace communication<

Students will develop the skills used to:

  • manage potential behavioral issues,
  • develop knowledge and skills necessary to successfully implement change,
  • understand the dynamics of teams, and describe the various markers of diversity in the workplace.

Likewise, students will be expected to effectively utilize computers in the workplace to become professionals who are independent, interactive learners who understand the ethical issues related to information technology.

A major in Leadership and Global Dynamics allows students to develop the knowledge and skills critical to become successful global leaders. The program is designed to heighten professional competence and allow graduates to learn the strategies for guiding and empowering a diverse workforce operating in different countries, cultures and time zones so that they can maximize the returns from trading in a worldwide market with distinct local needs.

The major will help student achieve an understanding of how powerful leadership can be and how to be a successful component of the diverse workplace.

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Mission Statement - By providing a liberal arts education to the local adult workforce, Leadership and Global Dynamics will provide non-traditional students the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful leaders in the today's competitive, complex and fast-paced global economy.

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