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Philosophy (“love of wisdom”) addresses deep and fundamental questions of human existence: Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? What is ultimately real? What is mind, and how does it relate to the physical world? How should one make moral decisions? What is a just society? As the rigorous, systematic study of such big questions, philosophy is central to the mission of King’s College, which seeks to produce broadly educated men and women who possess a clear moral compass, are capable of articulate and critical reflection on the fundamental problems of the human condition, and are informed and reflective citizens.
Students of philosophy find that it sharpens their capacities for clear thinking and logical reasoning. Studies suggest that philosophy majors do extremely well on graduate admissions tests such as the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. The study of philosophy develops
students’ capacities for close reading, logical analysis, and effective argumentation and communication. These skills, plus the solid grounding students receive in basic issues of human concern, make philosophy a good major or second major, as well as an
excellent preparation for graduate study in law, medicine, business, and other fields.

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Compatible Second Majors and Minors

A double major option also is available to give students impressive interdisciplinary credentials in philosophy for such fields as business, health care administration, or economics.

Special Features

Both a major and minor program in philosophy are offered, as well as a minor in ethics in cooperation with the theology department and the Center for Ethics and Public Life.  Ethics minors work closely with the College’s Center for Ethics and Public Life which develops courses, in-depth seminars, and sponsor nationally-known lecturers on current ethical issues. The Ethics Minor includes courses in bioethics, professional and business ethics, media ethics, Christian social ethics, philosophical ethics, death and dying, philosophy of law, volunteer community service and a senior ethics seminar.

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