MSB 220 — Financial Management (3)

The course introduces basic principles in finance such as cash flow, the time value of money, valuation of the firm and financial assets, and capital budgeting. Prerequisites: MSB 120 and ECON 221.

FIN 351 — Advanced Financial Management (3)

This course will review and reinforce the concepts of financial management learned in earlier coursework, as well as provide additional depth on selected topics. In addition, it will provide an in-depth analysis of the financial factors of the corporation. Topics to be covered are; financial statement analysis, stock, bond and derivative valuation, capital bud­geting theory and practice, capital structure, and, dividend policy. Prerequisite: MSB 220.

FIN 355 — Investments (3)

Principles and practices in capital accumulation. Topics include: a critical analysis of the kinds of investments, sources of information, inflation and investment strategy, and corporate profitability. Prerequisite: MSB 220.

FIN 378 — International Finance (3)

Focus on the international financial environment, the operation of the foreign exchange markets and currency-related derivative securities, and the international operations of the corporation. Topics include: international monetary agreements, the balance of payments, exchange-rate determination, management of foreign-exchange risk, and international capital budgeting. Prerequisite: MSB 220.

FIN 421 — Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (3)

Review of techniques and approaches for evaluating the intrinsic merit of major types of securities and the techniques for maximizing personal and institutional investment portfolio performance. Prerequisite: MFIN 355.

FIN 431 — Management of Financial Institutions (3)

Techniques and principles involved in the management of financial institutions, including: an analysis of the operations of commercial banks, savings banks, and insurance compa­nies. Particular attention is given to optimizing the objectives of profitability, safety, and liquidity. Prerequisite: MSB 220.

FIN 451 — Cases in Financial Management (3)

This course will review and reinforce the concepts of financial management learned in earlier course work, and, in addition, will demonstrate the application of these tools to “real world” situations through the utilization of case studies. Cases provide an opportunity for the student to develop his/her own decision-making ability as a financial manager. Prerequisite: MFIN 351.

FIN 497 — Independent Study in Finance (3)

Advanced project in a specialized area of finance under the supervision of a Finance faculty member. Permission of the Department Chairperson required in writing in advance of registering for this course.

FIN 498 — Topics (3)

Topics selected from contemporary financial issues which may be offered from time to time to meet the need of the students. Prerequisites may be required based upon the content of the course.

FIN 499 — Finance Internship (1-6)

A work experience meeting time requirements for the credits earned within a recognized financial institution or industry setting. Selection determined by academic background and interviews with Department Chairperson.  Approval of the Chairperson required in writing prior to the work experience. Open to Finance majors only.