Ryan Cain
Mass Communications
Class of 2011
King's Faculty-Led Program
Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu, Peru

How did you select your Study/Intern Abroad location?

I chose the Peru: Tropical Ecosystems trip because I had a particular interest in the rainforest and everything associated with it. Being a Communications major with a minor in Marketing, I felt as if I could gain knowledge not only in the science of the trip, but also the culture and the economic factors involved in conserving the rainforest.

Why did you want to study or intern abroad?

I wanted to study abroad because I felt as if I needed to experience other cultures. By experiencing these other cultures I knew that I would be more prepared for my future.

What were the highlights of this experience?

The biggest highlight of my experience was definitely visiting Machu Picchu. It was remarkable to see what an ancient civilization could accomplish with so few resources. Another highlight of my experience was climbing a tower sixty meters high and taking in all that the rainforest had to offer.

What surprised you the most?

The thing that surprised me the most was the humidity in the rainforest. People always say how bad it is, but you cannot even imagine how bad it is until you experience it.

How has (or how might) this experience affect your major and future career?

Although I am not a science major, I got a lot out of the trip. I was able to rekindle my Spanish speaking skills as well as to learn about another culture and the economics of another society.

What would you tell students considering studying or interning abroad?

Anyone who has the chance to study abroad should definitely take advantage of it. It was the trip of a lifetime and I would not trade it for anything.

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