There are many approved non-affiliated programs that provide additional options for King’s students to study, intern, and engage in service-learning abroad. Students can find out more about these non-affiliated programs in the Study Abroad Office or view a sampling online.

These programs differ from affiliated programs in the following ways:

Transfer credits

Students participating in approved non-affiliated programs may take courses toward their major, minor, or core requirements.  The students will earn transfer credits for the work that they do, which will become a permanent part of their King’s College transcript. This means that students' study abroad courses will appear on their King's College transcript as transfer credits as long as they receive a grade of "C" or higher. While students will receive an official record of their grades from the program in which they participate, their grades will not become a permanent part of their King's College transcript.

Different programs, different costs

Students attending an approved non-affiliated program pay all costs directly to the sponsoring program. These costs vary according to the program.  All arrangements regarding payment of fees must be worked out with the sponsoring program directly.  King's College does not charge any additional fees to students who participate in non-affiliated programs.

Typically, students may continue to use federal and state financial aid and loans to pay for non-affiliated programs.  Many of these programs have their own scholarships for which students are encouraged to apply. It is important to meet with a counselor in the Financial Aid Office early in the process, especially if you are participating in a non-affiliated program.